Bridgewater Township called up the local militia!

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Posted 2010-01-24

Bridgewater Township called up the local militia!

By James Schiel

Liberty Tree Radio

Incident Report

13 Jan. 2010 Bridgewater Township


At 0900 Jan.2010 Bridgewater Township Supervisor Jolea Mull contacted James Schiel of MMCW, to aid in the search and rescue of a missing resident. He immediately called up the local militia in the area and told them to rally at the bridgewater Town Hall in about 1 1/2 hours.

At about1100, (4) four militia members from various units were at the rally point, with (3) three more in routeor on stand-by. Super visor Mull guickly put together a command center at the Town Hall, with hot internet and direct communication with WCSD (Washtenaw County Sheriff Department). Along with Lt. Phillipes, Sgt. Dave Archer of WCSD and James Schiel, a ground foot search was organized.

At 1350 they began a foot search of the property of the missing resident. At 1405 they recovered the body of the resident. After Debriefing, we stood down at 1430.


Resources Present:


(2) dogs with gear (Brix and Bella)

(1) One horse and rider

(2) Two 4-wheel ATV's

(1) One Snowmobile


Personnel Present:


Michigan Militia Corps Wolverines:

James Schiel

Grant Howard



Mike Meeks

Ken Lineweaver

Wendy Lineweaver


Stand by:

Randal Armor

Ben Knauss


Citizen's Volunteer:

Tammy Greenstein